Blind Stool


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The Blind Stool is cast in aluminum from a stool found in a duck blind in Northern Ontario. It is a collaboration between Castor and an unknown hunter. The wood grain, screws and rust patina are all in intact after casting. It has been finished with hand tooling, a black patina and has a leather handle for quick getaways.

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Sauna Box


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This traditional wood-burning sauna is built into a shipping container. The Sauna Box is completely self-contained with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The box comes standard with ipod stereo, guitar hook-up, Castor Stool, magnetic truck light, wool toque and bronze antlers. The Sauna Box can be customized to suit the site.

Technical Information (PDF)

Pope Joan Chair


Pope Joan is a legendary female Pope who supposedly reigned for a few years some time thought to be between 853–855 AD. The story first appeared in the writings of 13th-century chroniclers, and subsequently spread through Europe. To understand why there’s a hole in the seat of the chair, we recommend you read about Pope Joan here.



Castor was selected as feature designers for the Interior Design Show in Toronto. A ’75 Winnebago Indian was renovated into a lounge with wood burning stove, Castor furniture, a vintage record player, and a working kitchen. After the show it was used as a private dining area at Castor’s restaurant Oddfellows.

Come Up To My Room, 2007


Castor participated in the annual alternative design show held at the Gladstone Hotel. 2000 ft of industrial red extension cord came out of the ceiling in a thick braid and hung out the window wrapping the exterior of the Hotel. Each cord ended in clusters of cages containing burnt-out incandescent light bulbs each lit with compact fluorescents.

Beton Brut – IDS08, Toronto, 2008


One of 10 Innovative Canadian Designers featured at the Interior Design Show. We installed a rough cast concrete fishing hut with stainglass windows, bulb chandelier and wood stove. The hut was an environment to showcase a new chandelier made from drilled-out light bulbs and the Blind Stool. The hut is now an outhouse in Castorland. “Transformer la boue en or” – Charles Baudelaire

Bubble Room


Castor was asked to be design a room to feature artwork during Toronto Art Fair. The Bubble House was created with bubble wrap including the floor. Visitors were encouraged to break the bubbles. Castor also designed and built a bubble wrap-breaking machine.

No. 9


Castor was commissioned to create an environment for no.9, a new curatoral agency launching itself at the Toronto International Art Fair. The space was both a booth for no.9 as well a rest area for the entire fair. Campfire-style seating around a bonfire of Recycled Tube Lights sat adjacent to the Shipping Container Movie House which featured a programme of short films curated by no.9′s Catherine Dean.

San Diego Art Fair 2011


Castor was asked to participate in San Diego Art fair as part of the NAFTA 3 Countries/2 Borders Show. Castor deconstructed products and packed them in bubble packaging. One was called Canadian Clichés- with stubby beer bottle, hockey trophy, and a beaver gnawed log.

Power Plant/Power Ball


Castor was asked to participate in the Power Plant’s annual fundraiser. Two thousand feet of electroluminescent (EL) wire was strung around the room. Artist Jeremy Jansen showed his video on a bank of television screens.

Induction Tube Light

CastorDesign_IDTL_Photo_HighRes_Cube - edited

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The induction tube light uses a magnetic field to transfer electrical current from the cube-shaped base to a regular 6’ fluorescent bulb. When the bulb is inserted into the base it presses a switch that activates a circuit inside. The current is transferred to the bulb, exciting the gases inside. The bulb will continue to emit light when lifted several inches away.

The Induction Tube Light comes with a 6-foot and a 17-inch bulb for floor or desk lighting. The base is made of milled solid steel and plated in black chrome.

Technical Information (PDF)

Coil Lamp


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The Coil Lamp, a lightweight task lamp that draws power from either of Apple’s first generation MagSafe adapters, is constructed from aluminum and copper-plated components. LEDs contained within the lamp’s head emit a warm, directional light, which allows it to be used in either professional or domestic environments.

Technical Information (PDF)

Conic Section Light


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In mathematics, a conic section is a curve obtained at the intersection of a cone with a plane. This pendant is based on that proof. A hyperbola, ellipse, parabola, and circle are produced by cutting a cone at different angles. The cages are plated in black chrome to help reflect the light emitted from the led bulb. The shields can be rotated to control the direction of the light.

Technical Information (PDF)

Tank Bowls


This bowl is made from the materials left over from production of the Castor Tank Light, made from reclaimed fire extinguishers. The bottoms are recut, stripped, polished, and painted a matte black finish on the outer side with a reflective black interior.

Dimensions (H x W x D)
4-5 1/2” x 4-5 1/2” x 2-2 1/2 “ (101-140mm x 101-140mm x 51-63mm)

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Parts & Labour – Toronto


Parts & Labour opened in 2010 to major acclaim as the new cultural hub of Parkdale – the hip west end neighborhood in downtown Toronto. The 5,000 square-foot space boasts a haute cuisine restaurant/bar overseen by Chef Matthew Matheson, who harvests some of his ingredients from the rooftop garden. A live-music venue on the lower level rounds out the experience brought to you by the guys behind The Social and Oddfellows.

Droog Light

Happy Bones, New York City // Design by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design and UM Project // 2014

The Droog Light takes inspiration from the way guitar pedals are activated. Each light is turned on through pressing a switch like a guitar stomp box. Rubber 12-volt truck lights plug into a power box using guitar jacks. Lights can be placed anywhere using metal pucks and magnets. Available in 3, 5 or larger (upon request).

4″ x 2″ x 2″ (100mm x 50mm x 50mm)

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