Cloud Chamber

An electric Cloud Chamber that shows the trails of electrons and other subatomic particles through a vapour cooled down to -40°C. A cloud
chamber is a particle detector used for visualizing the passage of ionizing radiation. A charged particle interacts with the vapour by knocking electrons off gas molecules during collisions, resulting in a trail of ionized gas particles. Using a Van de Graaff generator in the vicinity of the cloud chamber will result in shockwave-like patterns through the vapour. The ability to view these trails reveals some truth about the universe.

Middle Grey

Castor is debuting its Middle Grey series at ICFF New York 2018. In photography, painting, and printing, Middle Grey is the name given to the shade of grey that appears to the human eye to be halfway between black and white. It’s used to determine how light will affect a given film stock (i.e. whether it will result in under or over-exposure). The specific Middle Grey shade is generally defined as reflecting 18% of visible light. Castor’s Middle Grey line uses this shade as the basis for its finish colour.

The series is limited to one process to make each form, carried out through a family of products. The Floor Lamp, Wall Sconce, Desk Lamp, and the Pendant are all made from extruded aluminum tube that is laser-cut and painted. Each light uses an LED light source through an acrylic diffuser.

The Floor Lamp and Desk Lamp are both weighted with grey marble.

The Desk Lamp and Sconce use “elevator style” push-button switches, while the Floor Lamp uses a rotary knob to activate the light.

The Pendant lights are capped with polyurethane and can be powered from either end through an input jack. The pendant lights are linkable when connected with a male-to-male connector.