Tokyo Smoke Cannabis Accessories

Canada is at the forefront of change with its nationwide legalization of cannabis. It’s an opportunity to bring considered, well-designed products to a wider range of existing and new cannabis consumers. The set is designed by Castor Design for Tokyo Smoke—a Canadian, design-driven lifestyle brand. It includes a pipe, a grinder, a storage bowl, and a rolling tray.

The tray is machined from HDPE sheets with spaces for holding tools and for storing whole and ground plant product. The slot in the tray can be used to hold a rolling paper for easy filling from the storage space beside it.

The shape for the tray and the grinder draws upon Tokyo Smoke’s lantern logo. The grinder uses the traditional milling pattern also found in the heirloom Stack pipe set, allowing for an easy, consistent grind.

The pipe is a discrete one-hitter that can be pre-loaded and covered with the heat shrink sleeve for convenient storage. The storage bowl has a polyurethane stopper that keeps plant product freshly sealed in a scent-protecting container. The storage bowl’s shape is informed by the base of a fire extinguisher. The stopper is available in red or black.